Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Festivities Resume!

Hello Members of the Arch 2 LLC,
I hope that studio is going well for everyone. I know some have started picking up in intensity, but just keep pushing along.

As I had stated last time, the East Tower RA staff has been putting on some great events this semester that I hope everyone will try to attend. For the overall community, we will be having Adulting 101, Life-Size Clue, Privilege Wingo, and Chug Chug Golf coming up real soon. A couple weeks ago, we had a 16th floor game night with Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity, which had great turnout. Last week, we had Neighborhood Housing come talk with students on the possibility of living off-campus and tips to succeed at that.

For anyone who missed the event or would like more information, please go visit their office. They will gladly help you navigate through finding an apartment or house. For those staying in the residence halls next year, returner self-assignment is next week. You can opt to live here in the Arch 2 LLC again and hopefully we will have more LLC members next year. For members of the Arch 2 LLC, we will be having the Arch 1 LLC come check out our community and see what it is like living in East Tower this Thursday. Please answer any questions they might have either with the LLC or with sophomore studio.

I hope that everyone continues to do well in studio. Good luck on your next few projects and may warm weather come back again!

Sincerely yours,

RA Zach

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