Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Your Mentor- Michael

Hello Friends!

Me at my internship.  It was a long day, ha!
Welcome back to your Spring Semester!  So I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself.  My name is Michael Hamilton and I am now the Mentor for the Mobile Apps and Creating Your Future LLCs.  In the past I have worked with both the Community Leadership and Creating Your Future LLCs as an RA, so I'm very excited to be back working with my awesome LLCs this year as a Mentor.

A little about me personally... I am from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, which is about 20 minutes northwest of Milwaukee.  In high school I as involved in band, choir, theater, and student government.  Since coming to college at UWM I have been involved in a few different student organizations, I have worked on campus my whole time here, and I have volunteered as much as my busy schedule has allowed.  Which reminds me, this is my fifth year at UWM, and I am a Social Work major.  Next year I will be going to Graduate school to get a Master's in Higher Education Administration/Student Affairs because I have loved my time working on campus so much.  If you'd like more info on how to get involved, definitely let me know!

OK, so what you can expect from me.  For those of you in Mobile Apps, I will be continuing to come to your classes on Monday and Wednesday, so if you need me at any time I will be available then.  As for students in Creating Your Future, you don't have a class this semester!  Additionally, I have decided to hold online office hours on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00PM.  What this means is that I will be online, most likely on Facebook, ready to chat with any and all of you.  I will also post a status to let everyone know where I am in case you'd like to speak with me in person.  This is just my attempt to be as available to all of you as possible.

So that is all I have for now.  Your RA's and I are working on some great things to make this semester as awesome as possible.  If you have any feedback, please let us know because we are here for you.  Thank you all, and I look forward to meeting you all this semester!



Here is a link to my facebook page.  Please feel free to add me:

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