Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Semester Overview- Film

Semester Overview

One semester down, one to go.  The residents of the Film, Video, and New Genres LLC are deep in the midst of completing their first 16mm films.  Every night I am witness to the random bursts of noise caused by residents running down the halls in Batman and Monkey suits while trying to figure out why they caused a power surge throughout the plugs in the hall.  But I digress.  Now is just as much a time to reflect on the year past as it is to acknowledge the present.
This year we accomplished many things as an LLC.  Some of us released our first full documentaries; others began to work on their first short stories.  Many of us learned more about film by watching and all of us learned by getting behind them.  All the LLC members are about to finish a short each, made on real film stock, and are anxiously waiting for their premiere dates (or editing if they are afraid they won’t make that date).  We’ve gone to movies together, we’ve volunteered together, and we have even rocked out at a concert together.  The year has been fun and I have learned a lot about the power that a passion for something you love can bring to students and how all our passions can be put together to make a new whole.
Now we look to next year.  Much will be the same but inevitably there will be some change.  The great thing, however, is that we are all excited to see it.

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