Friday, February 7, 2014

Greetings from the New 4th Floor Business LLC RA!

Salutations! My name is Patrick Porwoll. As the title states, I am the RA for 4th floor, one of the four floors that makes up UWM's Business LLC. I am from Racine, WI, from where I commuted the roughly hour long trip last semester. I am a first year graduate student working for my licensure and Masters in English Education.  I received my undergrad in English at UW-Madison and studied abroad in London while there.

While I have little experience personally with business, I think the Business LLC is a pretty fantastic place for a resident with any interest in business or a related field. There is a diverse group of students who share a similar interest all living and going through classes together. The current LLC is very close and hangs out a lot in the lounge. There are many events that the LLC does that are business related as well. Last semester they learned about small businesses while visiting a cupcake shop, learned about team management and played a basketball video game, and will be attending an upcoming Bucks game.

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