Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet Scarlett-New CQ RA!

Hello! My name is Scarlett Young and I am the new RA of 7 North in RiverView! I have gotten the awesome opportunity to run The CQ LLC and am super excited for the awesome opportunities for my residents this coming semester! 

Now a couple things about me: 
I am from Shawano, WI. 
I am a sophomore studying Biochemistry.
I am a Pre-Dental student that loves chemistry and teeth!
I am very active in many student organizations around UWM!
I love goats, cats, chocolate, and helping people.
This is my first experience with any LLC, but I have heard many great things about them!

Already this semester has been very interesting! We started off with the great flood of RiverView, which impacted every floor except 7. I was moved from the 5 South floor of RiverView to the lovely 7 North. It has been amazing getting to know all of my new residents and everyone has been super nice!

At the first floor meeting I handed out little goody bags for the residents full of candy, a pencil, and a little message to each of my residents wishing them luck with their semester! 

On February 1st, the other 7th floor RA of RiverView, and I had planned a Winter Onesie Party! We both wanted our sides of the floors to get to know eachother and to have a fun event in the residence hall in this chilly weather! We watched Identity Thief and told funny stories! Amandla and I both got to know our residents more and a great time was had by all!

This upcoming Wednesday on February 12th is the Exploring Majors Fair, and I have made an event for my LLC and the rest of my residents to participate and check out this amazing opportunity! Because everyone's schedules are completely different, I hung up posters and have been telling the residents to check out the Exploring Majors Fair and to either take a picture of them at the event, grab some brochures or information, or some type of evidence for them to receive a sweet surprise! 

Something that I am looking forward to for this upcoming semester is a service project. A lot of the residents had shown a lot of interest in wanting to have more volunteer experiences and I want to find out many unique service projects that we can help with around here in Milwaukee!

I am super excited for what this semester will bring!

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