Thursday, February 6, 2014

Falln' into Place

This Fall semester the Art and Design LLC came together inside and outside of the classroom. We collaborated with the Milwaukee community and our own UWM campus as well and formed lasting friendships. It things keep up this way, Spring is gonna be another semester to remember.

We created a project called A&DLLCLOVE where students made art letters (the front had a work of art, the back asked the viewer to reflect on family and friends) and hid them throughout campus for others to find. We asked the finders to upload a picture of themselves and the art letter to our Facebook page.

Art letter made by Shelby Degroote 

Trina is proud of her hiding spot for art letter

Hidden art letter in the union!

We also started a collaborative project with the Maryland school in Milwaukee. 3D and 2D Students met and interacted with the Maryland students and recreated portraits of them to create a large mural combining painting and wood carvings. It will be installed this Spring at the school.
3D student wood carvings

2D student paintings

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