Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Scene One, Take Three: The 24 Hour Editing Contest, The Film

Scene One, Take Three. Our third blog post of first semester. Where has the time gone? Oh yeah - TO MAKING ALL THE MOVIES!

Film LLCers in Film 117 and Film 116 have been busy at work shooting their 16mm black and white silent films, editing 16mm film and doing field recordings. Almost every weekend brings a post on the Film LLC Facebook Group asking to borrow equipment and help out with shoots. The interconnections of the floor is very clear to see when it comes to these classes and working with 16mm film has a lot to teach about Film as a medium and craft.

The LLC also continues to be hard at work with the LLC Video. Days 1-3 of shooting each brought new challenges and scenes - including elevators, cardboard armor, shooting on the patio, bird shoes, bird shirts and megaphones. Residents are learning to organize and prepare for shooting, how to operate on set with each person in a rotating role, and how to manage a film shoot on top of a school schedule.

Check out some photos from recent days of planning and shooting:

The cast and crew of the LLC Film was shooting until November 14th.

Last weekend was also the third LLC Event for the semester, the 24 Hour Editing Contest! Participants broke off into teams and were given 24 clips, 24 sounds and 24 hours to edit. The Film LLC took over the second floor lounge of the Kenilworth Apartments where we had three adjoining rooms filled with couches, tables, footage and food.

The clips included coverage of a variety of park bench conversations between RA Lea and RA Josh. They were given wides, two shots, singles, CUs, inserts etc. and an encyclopedia of topics, faces and body language to edit into whatever conversation they pleased.

Other footage was of RA Lea walking through the city reacting "seeing something" and reacting in a variety of ways. They were then given an assortment of clips of "what she was looking at" which included city scenes and some alley way situations between RA Shannon and 2013-2014 Film LLCer Emry Brisky.

The sounds included some externally recorded audio from the clips, as well as isolated sounds like clapping, banging, a baby crying, a toilet flushing, birds chirping, chains clinking and more. LLCers were encouraged to create a sound environment or edit sound creatively as opposed to relying on sound.

Things got pretty crazy around the 4:00am mark. LLCers in Pjs laughing about the 20th century fox fanfare played on a recorder, showing each other their edits and snacking on an abundance of snacks and drinks provided for the event. Many slept between 6:00 and 10:00am and enjoyed breakfast of muffins, fruit and orange juice before continuing to edit.

LLCers looked up tutorials on masks, warped sounds, flipped footage horizontally, color corrected and more to make approximately 15 unique edits. Voting will take place this week online and the winners will get UWM Bookstore gift cards, their videos posted on the Film LLC page and trophies.

Many photos were taken and are coming soon. Here's some photos of the prep, including an enormous sign-up which included a column for "Best Team Name".

South side LLCers also made a bulletin board on Women in Film, an important topic which has recently gained some buzz on the UWM Campus with the intitiation of a brand new production club entitled Reel Women. 

The rest of the semester will be the LLCers finishing up filming and editing for the LLC Video, editing final projects for Film 117 and signing up for Film classes next semester. Keep an eye out for the 24 Hour Editing Contest voting site as well as photos!

Here's an introduction to the LLC that was recently made entitled The Fourth Floor Sitcom.

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