Friday, November 13, 2015

Making a Difference One Pie at a Time

Hello Again!  
      We have had another fun and busy month here in the Education and Leadership LLC. This month we had many various events going on. Our floor took part in the Halloween Decorating contest and Make a Difference Day. Some of our students were even featured on the news! It was a great way to make an impact in our community and waking up early for it wasn't so bad either. The event focused on helping elderly residents in the neighborhood to winterize their homes. This included raking leaves, cutting or pruning plants and trimming back brush. It was a great way to give back! 

      One of the events this month with a biggest turnout was our Pie Your RA in the Face event.  This event gave residents the ability to participate in Dance Marathon here on campus in a unique way. Dance Marathon is an organization that focuses on dancing to raise money for the children's hospital and Miracle Network. On our floor, those who could not attend could still participate in this event. For each $1 donation made by a resident, that resident got to pie the RA of their choosing. (As I mentioned to them all as they decided..."You want to pie Bryce don't you?")….unfortunately they usually wanted to pie me. But it was all fun and for a great cause!  

- RA Annabelle


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