Monday, November 9, 2015

Important Places for S'mores to Visit

One of the main focuses in the S'mores LLC is to help guide residents on a path that will lead them to graduation!
Selecting a major and choosing a career path can be an intimidating and lengthy process.
 As sophomores, it's even more important to make sure you're on the right path so that you can continue to graduate on time.

A great place to visit is the Career Planning and Resource Center!

 CPaRC collaborates with UWM faculty and staff in developing resources and experiences that connect career with academics and student life, and we partner with employers and others to provide students and alumni rewarding opportunities, internships, jobs, and career-related education.

Their mission is to empower students and alumni with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to: Make sound career and academic decisions; prepare for satisfying employment; and develop successful lifelong career plans in an evolving global world of work.

A few great resources you can find are help looking into different majors and careers and internships, as well as resume building and interview prep. You can visit walk in hours to get help on your resume, or to have someone look it over as well. 

There are also mock interviews that you can set up with a counselor to prep for upcoming internship or job interviews. 

Even if you think you have no reason to visit the center, still 

go! There are always different things you can discover.  


Stop by Mellencamp 128, or give us a call at 414-229-4486

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