Friday, November 20, 2015

Honors House II November Update

Once again, greetings from Honors House II!

November's a pretty big month for the Honors College, as priority registration was on Monday November 16th!  In the weeks prior, there's been a lot of class planning and contingency planning to do based on the Honors course schedule. 

To celebrate, we held one of Honors House II's new traditions:  the Rise and Shine event!

At 7:30AM on Monday November 16th, we encouraged HH2 residents to wake up and schedule classes on time with fresh breakfast food, friendship, and helpful reminders of how to use the PAWS system.

Then, as soon as the world clock strikes 8:00, we were snatching up our classes as fast as possible!  After that, we went about our day as normal.  And hopefully, with a little bit more excitement for what next semester holds.

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