Friday, November 14, 2014

Just as the Discovery World program has come to an end, the Engineering LLC has begun the Engineering Olympics, The Engineering Olympics is a competition between residents to see who can create the best solution for a challenge they are given. Week by week, residents will be presented with a new problem and set of materials. Residents have to use these objects to best solve the problem.

The Week One challenge we presented to our residents was to create a water clock that would successfully drain a cup of water in exactly 2 minutes (or closest to 2 minutes). The residents were only allowed to use 10 sheets of construction paper and as much tape as they wanted. With this, residents went off to begin brainstorming. After 15 minutes of construction, time was called and the teams brought in their designs. The results were awesome with some having only a few seconds before the 2 minute mark!

The Engineering Olympics is a great opportunity for residents to use their ingenuity and work together as a team. With a great Week One turnout, RA Calvin, RA Gideon, RA Cody, and RA Alex are very optimistic about the weeks to come.

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