Monday, November 10, 2014

November Dance LLC Update

Hello from the Dance LLC!

This past month was a festive one for the Dance LLC. Residents participated in decorating the floor lounge for fall and Halloween. Our floor got an honorable mention for West Tower for having the most jellyfish decorations. Jellyfish are the official West Tower mascot so this was a high honor. We were able to bond as a community while making the decorations and it made our living space an uplifting sight to see each day.

Somewhere the Dance LLC may be interested in going to is the Milwaukee Public Market. It is located in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee and is considered the Art and Fashion District. The Public Market is both a marketplace and a unique food court that has many options and price ranges making it very accessible to most students. It would be a fun place to go with friends and family or great place to study off campus. To get to the Public Market you can take the Green Line bus on Oakland and Hartford going South. You can use this link to assist you: . You can also always ask your bus driver for help getting to your location!
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