Monday, February 9, 2015

Starting the New Year with a Bang!!!

We are ready for another exciting semester in the Film LLC! This past weekend we had the 2015 Film LLC 24 Hour Film Festival! Residents divided themselves into of teams no greater than five, and had only 24 hours to write, shoot and edit an original short film under certain restrictions. Here were some of the fun rules!

-Prompt: "And what’s more, see toenails and all ten stages, root by root."
-The required prop must be a snowball. (cannot be used as a projectile / violent object)
-The title of the film must be Acronym and that acronym must be a real word. (Ex. STEM- Scientific Turtles Eating Martians)
-No music.
-No blood, gore, murder, or violence. (no guns/shooting)
-Genre: Anything.

There was a vicious blizzard, producing 8 inches of snow, yet the teams powered through and braved the elements to accomplish their goals!

Be sure to check out our page as we get further in to the semester, there are some great events ahead for the Film LLC!

Check out the Film LLC Facebook Page for more pictures!

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