Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pizza Party/Meet Your New Mentor!!

On Wednesday, February 12th McKenzie and I had a Welcome Back/Meet Your New Mentor pizza party!  The pizza party took place on the 15th floor of Sandburg West for the Wisconsin Covenant LLC with a healthy supply of pizza thanks to PALMS! 
What happened at the pizza party was, of course, I introduced myself and let everyone know when my LLC hours are, Wednesday's from 5-6pm in W15.  We also let the LLC students know what events we have planned for them and asked what they want to do.  A few things we were able to come up with is resume building, finding a job on campus, going to a food pantry, doing something with Journey House and possibly going back to our high schools and speaking to perspective students about coming to UW-Milwaukee. 

Our pizza party event gave us a much better insight on what the WI Covenant students are interested in doing and learning.  We have now planned a resume/ finding a job event and are in the works of planning our future events with going to a food pantry and going to our high school. 

This event has helped the WI Covenant students because they were able to meet me and know when I will be working, but it also is helping them because they are the ones who really picked out the events they want planned all McKenzie and I have to do is now plan them! 

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