Thursday, May 23, 2013

2012 - 2013 Business LLC in review

Hey Guys!

We had some awesome events this year for our LLC. The two that really succeeded were our Bradley Center tour accompanied by a Buck's Game, and also our Marcus Theatres tour of the majestic, where we got to talk to executives and watch a movie. We also had an amazing Harley Tour that let our residents see some proud Wisconsin history.

After a few weeks of being in a LLC, I could already tell my residents were going to teach me a lot more than I could teach them. They displayed an ability to meet a lot of people all while working hard at your grades along side of them. Our residents were able to find a balance between having fun, and doing well in school.

The main thing our residents got out of our LLC was seeing what a degree from UWM could offer them. Many of the tours and events we took them on employed many people from UWM. It was great to show our residents that they can do a lot in this city, and to be excited about that. Our residents also seemed to be very social. I believe this is because they are in the same classes, so they automatically have a connection from the first point in the semester.

There are too many moments for me to pick a favorite one. Being a leader in this LLC was an experience I will never be able to replicate. I have learned so much while meeting many friends and having an amazing time.

Stay golden!

R.A. Alec Just

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