Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Presenting......MIL-WONKEY STYLE!

A really successful event the Transfer LLC attended was the Peck School of the Arts Theatre Show, Mil-Wonky Style.

"A devised theatre piece created by, about, and for UWM students. Mil-Wonky Style is a wacky portrayal of the ups and downs of college life. Get ready for an honest unconventional and personal view of the Milwaukee student experience including music, part-time jobs, strange landlords, quirky professors, and…oh yeah! Homework!"

This show featured one of our fellow Transfer LLC members and we, as the Transfer LLC, wanted to show support for him and his show!

This event was also intended to get the LLC exposed to other things the UWM campus had to offer. Supporting our friend and the arts all in one! The LLC members who attended the show found it hilarious and very relatable to their lives. It was fun for us all to hang out and experience an event we do not have the chance to experience on any given day!

Check out the Peck School of the Arts homepage, http://www4.uwm.edu/psoa/ for other Arts related activities (including but not limited to, dance, music, visual arts, and theatre)!!!

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