Friday, November 16, 2012


Everyone in the Art & Design LLC should know about the Riverwest Community. There is a Riverwest Artists Association that exists in this community that strives to "foster reflective, innovative, and proactive art to enrich and stimulate [the] community" ( This is a community full of amazing artists and and there is an Art Walk in the community as well every year. The Art Walk includes local artists who open their homes or studios to the public for the duration of the event so that others can see their work. Thr Riverwest Artist Association has many other art related events that can be found on their blog (

Also, a lot of students don't know that the Riverview Residence Hall is actually located in Riverwest. I bet most of you also didn't know that almost all of the artwork that is on display in Riverview was done by Riverwest artists!  To get to Riverwest Artists Association's Jazz Gallery from Riverview is very simple. It is located at 926 East Center Street which, from Riverview, is located just North on Humbolt Ave and West on East Center St. It takes about 10 minutes to get there walking from Riverview. The gallery is open Tuesday, 6-8pm and Saturday noon-5pm. Jazz Jam Sessions also occur the first Tuesday of every month.

This is a great community to know about for art students especially. I encourage everyone to walk around in the community and check out the Jazz Gallery. There are also a ton of restaurants and cafes in the vicinity that also display Riverwest artwork, so go check 'em out!

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