Saturday, September 20, 2014

Welcome to the JAMS LLC

Welcome everyone, 

My name is Danielle Stobb and I am the Resident Assistant for the JAMS LLC.  JAMS stands for Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies.  We are located in Sandburg North Tower, floor 24.  

Last year I was a Resident Assistant in Sandburg West Tower.  I’m excited to be involved the the JAMS community this year because I am a journalism major myself.  This is my third and final year of undergrad. My focus areas are print/online and broadcast. I plan to attend graduate school for media studies (hopefully at UWM) next fall.   Some fun things about me include: my graduating high school class had a mere 20 students, I have an adopted chihuahua named Tegan, I don't know how to swim, and I've visited Disney World 4 times. 

My experience in the journalism sphere include:
  • writing for the UWM Post
  • reporter for Media Milwaukee (student news website)
  • reporter for PantherVision (student broadcast)
  • secretary for UWM Broadcast Club 
  • intern at FOX11 News in Green Bay
  • media intern for docUWM, Milwaukee
  • radio promos with Clear Channel Media, Milwaukee

My most rewarding moment (thus far) as a journalism student is my recent entry in the National Academy of Television Chicago/Midwest Broadcast Chapter.  My piece, “UWM Superfan” has the potential to win a student emmy award.  How exciting! 

My listing of experience is not to brag, but to show JAMS students where they can be in a year or two.  I hope my job as the JAMS LLC RA is not only to provide a fun and safe atmosphere in which to live, but to provide guidance and insight on UWM’s journalism program.  Milwaukee sure has a great one!   

The LLC residents and I have already jump started some fun experience by completing a social media scavenger hunt and attending the Fox 6 news station.  We toured the newsroom, learning behind-the-scenes secrets to the daily newscasts.  Upcoming events include: tours of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and ESPN Milwaukee, as well as hearing from local reporters as guest speakers in the LLC classroom.  

I look forward to an exciting and educational year!      

JAMS LLC eats a picnic lunch during UWM Fall Welcome.
JAMS LLC visits Fox 6 News.

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