Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome to the Social Justice, Diversity & Pride LLC!

Hi friends!

I've been so excited for this year to start. No, really! Ever since I knew I was going to be working with the Social Justice LLC, every time someone brought up the coming school year, this is how I reacted:

So anyways, welcome to the Social Justice LLC! A little bit about myself:

Me being casual in a fancy chair.
  • Born in Waukesha, WI
  • Majoring in Communication with a minor in Sociology
  • 2nd (and a half?) year as an RA
  • Spent my summer as an Orientation Leader, so many of you may find me very familiar
  • Also work in the Residence Life office as a Residential Administration Assistant
I'm very excited about the Social Justice LLC. Learning about people and their stories is fascinating to me, especially at UWM, as we are known as the most diverse school in the UW system. I'm hoping that during our time together as an LLC we can step outside of our comfort zones and gain a better understanding of those who we don't share many of the same experience with. The way I see it, life is about learning, and if we can take the opportunity to step back and understand those around us, it will bring forth a more caring and understanding world. 

Both Jen and I are excited to work with you all, and as the semester progresses, we hope to have a lot of fun while learning a ton! Get ready!

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