Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sunny Days, and Artsy Ways.

The Collaborative Banner Final Result! 
The month of September was an excellent kick off to the 2016-2017 school year for our Art & Design LLC!

Soon after the new LLC residents moved in and began to settle we held our Kick-Off event on September 3rd! This kick off brought in the professors for the LLC Sections of 2D and 3D concepts Melissa Wagner-Lawler and Ray Chi, peer mentor Nia Wilson, as well as the LLC students as a sort of meet and greet event before classes start. During this hot and sunny day we played an icebreaker activity involving identification of multiple notable artists and pairing them with their artworks. 

Following this was a transition into introducing the Passport Program that the LLC is participating in this year. This program incentivizes the LLC students to participate in various events on campus, in university housing as well as out in the community to accumulate points which will eventually lead to prizes at the end of the semester. One of the goals of the Art & Design LLC is to have the LLC students find ways to be active members of a community through art, so we have started off our year encouraging the LLC to explore opportunities that Milwaukee has to offer.

Finally, during the kick off we created a large collaborative banner to hang in the hall of the Art & Design LLC and allow everyone to put their own personal mark on the community.

A mini art gallery forms in Cambridge Common's courtyard as a result of the Icebreaker
Following this event I took the traditional trip to Blick for the LLC to purchase their supply kits for the first day of classes!

When the Art & Design LLC students haven't been in class they have been seen around Cambridge Commons studying and playing cards together, as well as working hard on their first projects and preparing for critique. There are many excellent events planned for October to continue the success of this year!

-Resident Assistant, Joe

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