Thursday, November 3, 2016

Meet the Engineering Resident Assistants!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Engineering Living Learning Community. We are excited to have you join us this year for college and are glad that you chose the LLC. While we understand that you have a lot of questions, we thought we could explain a little bit about the staff you will be seeing throughout the year and explain a little about what the LLC is.

A handful of you are probably wondering what the Engineering LLC is all about. You or your parents might have seen it on the housing sign-up form and thought it sounded interesting. Well, the Engineering LLC is a community for engineering and computer science majors. There are two ways that you can be eligible: either you are taking one of the four required classes for first-year engineering students or you have already completed that course in a previous school year. Chances are, most of you have are in one of the four classes. Within the Engineering LLC, you will be able to take part in special LLC-related events, such as trips to engineering companies, the Engineering Olympics, and prep for the Fall and Spring Industry Expo. While you are still a normal community, this allows you to get your feet wet in the world of engineering while also having a community of students in similar classes you can turn to if needed. Next, we’ll briefly introduce the RAs for the community.

On floor 9, we have Tyler Schommer. Tyler is a second year RA and a third year student from Southeast Wisconsin. His major is Mechanical Engineering and in considering a minor in Electrical Engineering. He is a member of ASME.

Floor 10 is Gretchen Olson. Gretchen is a first year RA and a second year student from Minnesota. Her major is Civil Engineering and she is a part of ASCE.

Lastly, on floor 11, we have Michael “Mike” Davis. Mike is a returning second semester RA who is also from Southeastern Wisconsin. His major is Computer Engineering and is a member of IEEE.

Once again, we are super excited to have you join the LLC for this school year. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask your RAs and we would be more than willing to answer.

Here’s to a great school year!

-Resident Assistant, Tyler Schommer

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