Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Learning from a Professional Dancer!

Hey Everybody!

The month of October was a fun and busy one for the students in the Dance Foundations LLC!

My name is Bailey Stowell and I am the peer mentor for this LLC! I have been able to partake in many of the Intro to Dance Making Skills class and I have to say that it has been a very interesting and insightful experience! I am not majoring in anything related to dance, but watching these students work for what they are interested in is amazing. So far, the students have made short dances based on mimicking the surrounding objects with their bodies, worked with their environment to tell a story, and even auditioned for programs such as our Panther Dance Team and New Dancemakers! There are always lots of things to do and moving around for these students :)

Something super cool that has happened so far for the students in this LLC was a guest speaker! This woman's name is Kathleen Hermesdorf. She has been a part of dance productions all the way from California to Germany and definitely has enough knowledge and skill to show for it! She worked with almost every dance class for a couple of days and provided the students with the extra OOMPH that they need to be even more successful dancers here at UWM!

If you are thinking about joining an LLC, I highly recommend it! Within the past two months I have began to witness many great friendships sprout and fascinating opportunities arise for these students and I hope more people show an interest!
-Bailey Stowell, Peer Mentor

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