Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Person You Should Know: Leah Schreiber-Johnson (part 2)

         This month we get to showcase people who are important to the Art & Design LLC class. One person who has been influential is Leah Schreiber-Johnson, an Associate Lecturer in the UWM Peck School of the Arts. Leah teaches 2D and 3D concepts for both the Art & Design LLC class as well as for the Art & Design Department on campus.
          Leah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Illinois State University and her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin in Drawing and Painting. She recently began working with the Art & Design LLC when she was asked to start a chapter at Cambridge Commons so students in another residence hall had the equal opportunity to engage in art-related activities while advancing their education and living experience. She utilizes a variety of media in her work including performance and installation pieces to explore the relationship between scientific fact and the experience of the body. Receiving many honors and awards, Leah is someone who has excelled in her field and has a wealth of knowledge to share with the UWM community.
          One of Leah's greatest wishes for students to learn from her is that of "educational independence or self-responsibility" which she described as "a great, big part of learning." She mentioned that assignments can be broken down into smaller parts by her, or any other teacher for that matter,  but she wants students to remember that "they can enhance their own learning by pushing themselves to a new level and taking responsibility for the education they are receiving." Her hope is that students in the LLC class, "can learn to see how they can use their art to gain a closer relationship with their community."
            On speaking of her activities with the Art & Design LLC, Leah said, "Leading the LLC courses is a special experience because we work closely with the students to create meaningful learning experiences. Through community collaborations, public art development, and exciting group exhibition events, students engage in art making to a level that is unmatched by the traditional classroom experience." Leah is a great person to get to know and someone the Art & Design LLC is very fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with on a continuous basis. If you are interested in checking out more of her artwork visit her website at: http://www.leahschreiber.com/

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