Friday, October 12, 2012

Important Person: Evelyn Eng

Evelyn Eng is who i would like to highlight in this post. She has been absolutely fantastic to work with this year. She is the professor for the communication and conflict LLC. She has been one of the main reasons i have looked into a future of communications as a profession. She made the class i took with her so much fun, it was by far my favorite class to this day that i have taken here at UWM. 

Anyone can learn from Evelyn, however i believe residents can especially. She has so much to offer through the communication seminar that what you learn in the class becomes second nature. i often see things everyday, as well as the things i do and think back to the class and apply it. The class that she teaches isn't just class but an actual life lesson. The class in simply put terms has changed me as a person. Without Evelyn and the information, i would believe that i would have lacked a sense of the college experience. Their is so much to learn from Evelyn, due to her being such a great teacher all you have to do is listen and think. 

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