Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mark Keane- Architecture's Main Man

Hey everyone! I hope your first month of school has been exciting, enlightening, and successful! As we move on through the year, it is important for first year students to become familiar with the important people that make your program work. For my blog post this month, I want to highlight an individual who plays an important role in your first year in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning: Mark Keane.

Mark Keane 

I'm well aware that first year architecture students have been spending the past few days scrambling to finish Architecture 100 models for Professor Keane. Hopefully the stressful first project will motivate students to get their next big projects done ahead of schedule and stress free. This is totally possible if you use your resources and Professor Keane is one of your most valuable. After all, he grades your work!

Mark Keane is an important player on the SARUP team. He is not only a professor here at UWM, but is also a partner in an architecture firm, is the director for the Frank Lloyd Wright Initiative, works on K12 design education, and produces award winning films on architecture. As a professor here, he won Teacher of the Year in 2007, National Teacher of the Year (for college architecture programs), and received the UWM Public Service Award in 2008. Long story short, Mark Keane is your man for anything architecture related. He is always willing to help out when approached and is one of your most valuable resources in SARUP, especially for your first year. Go to him for project questions, technical issues, or just to brainstorm and show him your ideas. It will only help you to get to know him!

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