Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You're Awesome, Mari Marks!

Mari Marks is the Resident Assistant for the Art and Design Living Learning Community in Cambridge. She is currently in Sophomore standing and is an Art and Design Major. When I found out that Mari was going to be the Cambridge RA for Art and Design, I was elated. Mari is not only a great artist, but she is a very friendly and very helpful part of this community.

Already, this past month, Mari has planned several fun events for her community to attend both within the residence halls as well as in the Milwaukee community. She organized for her residents to go to MAM After Dark and also planned a trip to Under Milwaukee. Also, Mari has done a great job with keeping her community interested in art. She has been incredible with bringing the Cambridge and Riverview Art and Design Communities together, and I know I can always go to her for great event ideas. Mari is a fantastic resource for anyone in the Art and Design Community.

Mari was a part of the Cambridge Art and Design LLC last year, so she knows a lot about the classes the residents are required to take. Because of this, she has helped the residents be able to get the most out of their LLC experience. Mari has also helped me a out quite a bit with understanding how the LLC works and providing insight as to what I can do to make my residents have the same great experience that she had last year. Thanks, Mari! You're awesome.

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