Friday, October 12, 2012

Ever wondered how you can combine WWII, Disney World, and Sigmund Freud?

Hi All! answer my title question: You can combine World War II, Disney World, and Sigmund Freud by having a conversation with Lydia Equitz! Maybe you really won't be mixing the three together, but Lydia teaches courses in all three of these fields (among others). RA Hannah and I have been putting together a "Meet the Honors Faculty" Event Series for the Honors House LLC. Each month, we bring in a different faculty (professor, instructor, or advisor) to talk about what exactly they do within the Honors College. For our first event we had Lydia Equitz (above with students in the Honors House LLC) come over to Sandburg and chat with LLC residents. She talked about her educational background (she's studied at Wellesley College, Harvard, and UWM. She currently serves as a senior lecturer and as the Honors College Writing Specialist. Because she works with Honors College students, the LLC residents were excited to meet her and find out how they can get help on different parts of the writing process. It was also really fun listening to Lydia discuss her different areas of interest and her course offerings. In the past she has offered classes entitled "Is God Dead?", "Freudian Slips", among others focusing on modern art and thought, historical perspectives, and post-Enlightenment. It was a great night in the Honors LLC. A big thanks goes out to Lydia for taking time out of her busy schedule to come over and visit with us. More information on Lydia and her Writing Specialist-amazingness can be found on the Honors College website here:

For the month of October we asked Honors Advisor, Shannon Bryne Irwin, to visit the Honors LLC to help prepare students for the upcoming spring registration. RA Hannah took a bunch of pictures that you should check out on her blog page! Shannon didn't just want to come over and chat with students, she went above and beyond by creating "Honors Advising Apples to Apples". LLC students made two teams and competed in an intense game all about important registration and advising facts. The students learned a lot and got to have fun getting to know Shannon on a more personal level. Afterwards, Shannon stuck around and answered questions. As with Lydia, we all had a blast getting to know our Honors Faculty better. Shannon's information and bio are on the Honors College website here:

I can't thank RA Hannah, Shannon, and Lydia for all of their hard work and dedication to the Honors House LLC. And! I can't forget about the amazing Honors House students who have been awesome about coming out to events and really making the best of their LLC experience. Being the mentor for the Honors House LLC gets better everyday!

That's all for now. Happy Fall everyone! :)

--Mentor Molly

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