Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite Study Haunt- Rochambo

Hello all!
I wanted to share with the residents and members of the LLC a great place to study alone or with friends off-campus. Sometimes when the gears get grinding and the last thing you want to do is sit in a cubicle in the West wing of the library, all it takes to get a rejuvenating wind of study energy is to find a nice quiet place off campus to settle into the books.

Rochambo is a great coffee shop on Brady Street in the Eastside. It is a wonderful place to hole up on the serene second floor and get some homework done or drink a hot tea on the sidewalk and watch all the hippies and weirdos of 'Bohemian Brady' saunter past.

The ride is an easy 14 minutes on the 30 Bus. It starts right on campus and drops off at the Walgreens on Brady Street. Then walk up to the corner of Brady and Arlington and it's right there!

They are open Mon-Fri: 7am – Midnight | Sat: 8am – Midnight | Sun: 9am – Midnight

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