Monday, October 22, 2012

Tie Dye Madness

One event I would like to highlight was the Tie Dying even we did at the beginning of the month. This event was planned because outside of the time spent in class, whether it be the Beyond Borders LLC class or others, the time the LLC members spend together was predominantly academic. I wanted them to get comfortable with being with each other in a social setting so that eventually they will hang out with each other without my intervention. I also wanted to breakdown the roommate groups so that they branch out and spend time with others. The event was in the kitchen on the second floor of Cambridge where the residents lived. This event was able to enhance the experience in the residence halls because it established a support system. The member know they have each other Natalie and I to assist them in any way we can. It also provided the group with a sense of unison since we now have home-made matching shirts!

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