Friday, October 5, 2012

Event-Oriented Communities

 We had a great turnout for the Tie-Dye Party! It was really fun to meet and mingle with all the residents, mentors, advisors and instructors that showed up for this fun, messy event. We got to see some really creative minds at work with only a few rubber bands and some dye! I hope y'all had as much fun as the staff did.

Hope to see you for our next event: The Sider Web of Healthcare. It is taking place in Flix on Tuesday October 9th. This should be another really great event where students and LLC residents will get to see how the facets of a healthcare team synchronize together. Be there or be Square!

As a member of the Helping Hands in Healthcare LLC, you are invited to participate in the many events we have planned throughout the year, with many more to come. The purpose of these events varies with each particular event. With the Tie-Dye Party, the event was geared towards the social aspect of living in a community and meeting all our neighbors. For the October event, we have planned a more Professional World event, focusing on what it is like working in the field. We will be planning many more things with many more topics and themes, to try and create the most rounded individuals living in a community we can. Hopefully, you all will enjoy the journey!


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