Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MKE Unplugged

Our most recent Music LLC event was the MKE Unplugged concert in Zelazo. MKE Unplugged is a new program that features guest artists and UWM students and alumni. On October 11th, one of UWM's very own jazz guitar students performed for us and showed how students can use their talents in a variety of different musical genres. Midwestern Charm was the featured guest of the night, and the indie group had great music and stage presence.

As music students, we need to attend many concerts to get our degrees and this concert goes to show that there is more to music than just orchestras, operas, and symphonies (although they are very important). There is a very wide variety of music out there and supporting the arts is important in our community.

These concerts are not just for music students, all students are welcome to attend. As you can see, there are indie rock concerts, jazz concerts, wind ensembles, orchestras, and so many recitals put on by your peers. If you ever considered going to one of these concerts, this is the year to do it. It is the Year of the Arts and there are more events than ever. So look out for the Peck School of the Arts posters and come see what the music department has been up to!

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