Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amazing Race Milwaukee!!!

October 2
No Strings Attached !
No Strings Attached was an  event that Residents from the  LLC decided their Community needed.
Sarvpal and Matt believed it was important to get the other people in our Community talking to each other.
When the day came for this awesome program, great conversations  and an intense of Jenga took place.
We can't forget the all the great food that was eaten:)

October 20th
Amazing Race Milwaukee!!!
The Community Leadership and Beyond Borders LLCs teamed up to make Team Cambridge. We faced off against  West Tower, which consisted of the Honors House and Wisconsin Convanent  LLCs. We raced around downtown Milwaukee taking goofy pictures at the landmarks.
All thumbs up with the Bronze Fonz

At the Pfister with Pounce. Can You find Pounce?

Showing the beauty of UWM.

Telephone booth take over

"The Calling"

Art Museum

The Riverwalk Way

Doing the Salsa at Cubanitas

US Bank 

We finished the day at Pizza Shuttle, way to live :)!!!!


  1. What a great event! I can't wait to officially be a Panther next year!!!

  2. We cannot wait to have you! Make sure to indicate your are interested in joining an LLC when you fill out your University Housing information!