Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Events- Music

Hello everyone!

We've had two fantastic Music LLC events this semester already! The first was the Cream City Sound Check concert in Turner Hall featuring bands with UWM music graduates in them and the second was MKE unplugged. Both concerts were part of the Peck School of the Arts Year of the Arts celebration and both concerts were a fun way for current UWM students to get out around Milwaukee as well as experience different kinds of music!

An event which is in the early creation stage is a South Tower TALENT SHOW! This event will give the LLC students a great performance opportunity as well as give them a chance to show the other LLC students what they've got! 

I am super excited to get this talent show up and going because many students have shown interest in the event. I know it will be a great time with lots of friendly faces and fantastic talent!

-Kelly Behling

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