Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lakeside Treasure: Milwaukee’s North Point Lighthouse

For this month’s blog I want to highlight a unique part of Milwaukee history: North Point Lighthouse. Why is this important for architecture students? It happens to be one of the oldest buildings remaining in Milwaukee and holds historical importance as well as just being an interesting place near campus to check out; bring your sketchbook for a challenge!
Located in Lake Park, the original North Point Lighthouse stood 107 feet above the water of Lake Michigan, making it the highest lighthouse on the lake. This spot holds not only historical significance for Milwaukee, but also offers one of the best views of the lake and the city around. The original North Point Lighthouse was built in 1855 out of signature cream city brick; it was later rebuilt 100 feet inland due to soil erosion of the bluff it was situated on.  The unique octagon shape of the 74 foot tower is an interesting piece of Milwaukee architecture. The lighthouse was closed for a few years in the early 1900’s because of a lack of government funding but reopened shortly after. North Point Lighthouse and its Keeper’s Quarters were placed on the National Register of Historic Lighthouses in 1980 and went through a restoration in 2007.

Tours and information about the lighthouse and keeper’s quarters are provided throughout the week by a solid volunteer base dedicated to the preservation of one of Milwaukee’s historical treasures. North Point Lighthouse is located at 2650 N. Wahl Avenue off of Lake Drive. 

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