Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Importance of Networking

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A few updates on what is going on inside The UWM.NET Living Learning Community. As you know this a a brand new LLC this year which is exciting to see how successful it will be to benefit the students within. The importance of networking in person and in the digital world is a great skill to acquire.

In the LLC class just a few days ago, the LLC as a whole went to the Career Fair here on campus. Christopher the professor for example, has been giving assignments to monitor their online presence, interviewing skills, and resume building. This includes how to present yourself in social media, how your presence on Facebook, and LinkedIn influences employers decisions. The aspects of this LLC is a great way to prepare skills of networking online and then honing the skills to getting an interview for a job or internship. Personally, I think this is important to see how you are truly marketing yourself within the online hemisphere.

Coming up in the LLC later in the semester, there will be a event guided around the idea of networking face to face. The students will take what they have acquired through the class and practice at the event which is a great experience of knowing how to communicate at a professional level. 

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