Friday, October 23, 2015

Picking Up The Tempo in the Music LLC

Hello, Readers!

Things have been ramping up here at the Music LLC!  The residents have been hard at work with their courses this past month.  Just this past weekend, the members of Symphony Orchestra got to play in their first concert, some of our brass performance majors appeared in the weekly student convocation, our first choir concert looms in a couple weeks,  and everybody seems to be scheduled to play in masterclasses already.  All in all, the music students have been keeping busy. Nonetheless, even with all our curricular obligations, the Music LLC still has time to develop a very strong community in our Residence Hall!  It seems like our lounge is filled with music majors every night.

(Some LLC Students Performing in Brass Convocation)

The students are starting to become immersed in the greater Milwaukee arts community.  They have gone to attend performances at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Skylight Music Theatre and the Milwaukee Rep to name a few.  One particularly noteworthy outing was to a Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops Concert held at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.  A highly sought after pops conductor and arranger, Steven Reineke, conducted a thrilling slew of Broadway favorites.  They were sung by the esteemed Broadway singers, Stephanie J. Block and Ryan Silverman.  We're truly lucky to be able to take advantage of student tickets here in Milwaukee.  The MSO generously offers $12 tickets to students.  When we're old and grey, we'll be paying upwards of $60 for any concert we attend.

(At an MSO performance.  Are we sophisticated yet?)

In addition, the students have taken it upon themselves to create a music video!  Without any of my persuasion, two students began to organize a group devoted to creating a music video featuring original music and dance.  They're collaborating with the Dance LLC to see this completed.  It's a fairly large undertaking, and they're still in the planning phases, but I know I'm very excited to see what the group comes up with!

This October, we're looking forward to Halloween, and several other exciting events.  We're hoping to bring in some professionals from the community to discuss job opportunities after college.  It's always a frightening thing to pursue a career in music... People often say, "so what are you going to do with a music degree?"  Truthfully, that's an excellent question, partially because a career in music is difficult, but also because it never goes exactly as planned.  I'm hoping these community professionals can show our students that there are plenty of unexpected, unforeseeable opportunities beyond college, and that the most important thing is to keep your eyes and ears open.
Thank you for reading!  Until next time.

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