Thursday, October 15, 2015

L2G September Style.

The Local to Global community has been busy within Cambridge Commons this month! Our LLC paired up with the Spanish House in the middle of September for our SouthSide Event. Together, we took the bus (a new experience for the majority of my community) to the south side of Milwaukee, a predominantly Hispanic area. First we went to El Rey, the local market. The residents walked around the store for about 30 minutes, quickly realizing how different even the grocery stores are. Many of the students also bought treats from the bakery, since they were traditional Mexican desserts and breads. After the market, we went to a traditional Mexican restaurant about one block away. Many members of the Spanish House ordered and spoke with the waitress completely in Spanish, and a few of the Local to Global members also did. We ate a traditional dinner and enjoyed talking about how a community 15 minutes from Cambridge by car can be so culturally different. The LLC members also attended University events this month such as the Organization Fair, where members of my community were able to get in contact with volunteer organizations within Milwaukee, and international WinteriM and summer opportunities. The LLC bulletin board in Cambridge has also changed from being about public transportation around Milwaukee, to places to go in Milwaukee.
“Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss

A few of the Local 2 Global and Spanish House members at the traditional Mexican restaurant.

Our LLC bulletin board with the top spots to visit in MKE, hours, and rates!

-RA Brigitte

This month in the Local2Global LLC class, we have been having a blast!  Later in September, our LLC class learned about the history of Milwaukee, especially with the land near the Milwaukee River.  Did you know that most of downtown Milwaukee used to be all marshes way back when?  These students know!  Professor Aims McGuinness took us down the Milwaukee River on canoes where we passed many historical areas, one of the being Usingers.  Luckily, all of the students were able to enjoy a free Usingers sausage, straight from the company!  Canoeing down the river was quite the experience.  The students were singing and rowing together, creating great bonds between each other. 
                Our Global Studies class has definitely been lucky to do all that we have done already.  All of the students enrolled in the class attended the Jennifer Morales event.  Jennifer Morales is the author of the book “Meet me Halfway: Milwaukee Stories”, which was the common read for UW-Milwaukee this year.  During her event, she talked about the topic of race and how even though it is so hard to talk about, it is incredibly necessary.  Race is a very hard topic to discuss, but I feel like our Global Studies class is ready to have deeper discussions based around that.  

- Peer Mentor Tabby

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