Monday, October 26, 2015

Field Trip in the JAMS LLC

The JAMS LLC has been busy with the beginning of classes, joining clubs and developing their journalistic skills, but not too busy to have some fun!

As part of the LLC's class this semester they get to take two off campus field trips: one to ESPN Milwaukee and one to Fox 6. On September 23, the LLC went on their Fox 6 trip and got to take a behind-the-scenes look at what a real life television broadcast station looks like!

The students were lead around the studio by veteran news anchor Katrina Cravy and got to experience what it's really like to work in a news room. They were met in the stations lobby and got to see Katrina tape an introduction for a feature story her and the production team were working on.

 Once in the atrium and production area of the studio, the students learned about different aspects of broadcast journalism and the different jobs you can have with a degree in Journalism.

One interesting fact Katrina shared with the group is that during breaking news, anchors are not always given a script to read so they simply watch a monster of what is happening and describe what they see. 

During our time in the studio, the students got to see a live broadcast right before their eyes! The station was filming their afternoon show when we stopped by to look around.

Once the taping was done, our students got to have a little fun of their own on the set taking pictures and getting the real news anchor experience.

 At the end of the field trip, Katrina gave out her business card and offered to let any of our students job shadow if they got into contact with her. Two of them, Danielle and Madison, took advantage of the opportunity Katrina offered and got to go back to Fox 6 and see what a full working day looked like at the studio!

Overall, the students loved the field trip and said they were even more excited to go through the school year knowing what lies ahead in their careers.

- RA Maggie Polsean

The UWM JAMS Living Learning Community tour the FOX6 Studios back on September 23rd to give the students a look at how a local news station operates. The students were greeted by reporter and anchor Katrina Cravey. You may know her from her segment "Contact 6" and on the show "Studio A."

While at the studios located in Brown Deer, the students got a tour of the building including the newsroom, and the studios that house the various sets of the news and FOX6 Wake Up. The students also got to see the control room where the stations producers help direct the newscast. We even got to see the closing for the FOX6 News at 11 end with Beverly Taylor and Tom Wachs.

After the tour, the students posed for pictures at the anchor desk and took selfies with Katrina. The picture I included in this post is RA Maggie and I at the anchor desk.

- Peer Mentor Stevan Stojanovic

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