Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to the Transfer Community!

Welcome to the Transfer Community

Hello! My name is Paul and I'm one of the two Transfer Community RAs here at UWM. I'm extremely excited to work with the transfer students throughout the year and program around their specific needs. Some background on me: I'm in my fifth and final year of undergrad here at UWM, I'm studying Biology, French, LGBT studies, and Cultures/Communities. Long-term, I want to go to grad school and then become a campus counselor (with an emphasis on LGBT+ issues). Some of my hobbies include dancing, baking, exploring Milwaukee, and drinking coffee. I'm a transfer student from UW-Eau Claire. I spent my first year of undergrad there. Being a transfer student myself, I have a strong understanding of the niche that transfer students fall into. The transfer experience is very different from that of an incoming first-year student or a student returning to UWM. I want to help my residents have a smooth transition to UWM and have an amazing experience here that makes them want to stay until graduation day.

Hi! My name is Katie O’Connor and I am the other RA for the Transfer Community, working closely with the residents of the 17th and 18th floors. I am currently a graduate student studying Occupational Therapy, and a first year resident assistant with University Housing. During my time at the University of Illinois, where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health, I was an RA for three years at Bromley Hall at UIUC, and the time I spent there has helped me greatly to prepare for my time here at Sandburg Hall, and I am looking forward to the different adventures that this year will bring. Aside from being an RA, I am involved in Pi Theta Epsilon as the Fundraising Chair, an honors society here on campus for Occupational Therapy.  In my free time, I love to working on crafts, especially painting, and spending time with friends. I have no problem talking for hours, regardless of the topic, and I thrive in a social environment. This is my last full year attending UWM, and while I will be sad to leave everyone here, I am looking forward to being a professional and hopefully using my degree to work with children with disabilities.

There are so many things that we hope to accomplish this year, with our first priority being to create a community amongst residents. In the few short weeks that the residents have lived here, there are connections already being formed, which will help facilitate a better living environment. Aside from helping our residents find their niche both in their house and within the UWM community, we plan to host events on our floors that have both social and educational aspects. In order to have the most successful community possible, we plan to be both approachable and available to residents, and we hope for them to feel comfortable talking to me about anything. The Transfer Community allows for residents to share their experiences, and learn from one another. There is also the goal of helping residents to explore both UWM, as well as Milwaukee, both of which will be done by attending various events and planning trips to different parts of the city. While residents live in this community, we are hopeful that they will not only form connections with their peers, but find the pieces that were missing at their old school. We are looking forward to a great year and to getting to know each of our residents more! 

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