Monday, October 19, 2015

Spanish House LLC

This past month has been busy busy busy for the Spanish House LLC! For our first event the Spanish House LLC teamed up with the Local to Global LLC to travel to the south side of Milwaukee to experience the predominate Hispanic culture. We visited El Rey, which is a Hispanic super market, and we had our residents try new foods and experience the different atmosphere. After walking around the supermarket we had dinner at a restaurant called Jalisco a few feet away, which serves Hispanic food. We had a great time during our event and can't wait to partner up with the Local to Global LLC for future events! For our next event we will be attending Salsafest! Salsafest will be held in the Union Ball Room on October 15th from 7pm-11pm. Students will be able to watch professional dancers preform and they will also have a chance to learn how to Salsa from them! I am excited to let you guys know how our Salsafest event turns out next month!
-Adios, RA Laly
Some of the Spanish House LLC residents enjoying El Rey's desserts. 
Some of the Spanish House LLC and the Local to Global LLC at the restaurant!

The students are all doing a really great job in their Spanish discussion section! The instructor for the class, Ester Suarez-Felipe, gives them lots of opportunities to take what they learn in their classes during the week and apply it in conversation with their classmates. It really does not matter what level of Spanish each student has, we give everyone the chance to take what they know and expand upon that. Students are graded in their participation in the class and also their participation in the Hispanic culture, as outside excursions into the community count towards their overall grade. All I've seen so far is a group of people who really enjoy the chance to expand their perspective on the world around them.
-Adios, Peer Mentor Victoria 

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