Saturday, October 10, 2015

Scene One, Take Two: The Film LLC's caught the Festival Bug

Scene Two, Take one: The Film LLC's caught the Festival Bug

Greetings! RA Lea here with an update on the Film LLC! We have all been keeping busy this month from learning how to use 16mm film to attending the Milwaukee film festival. But first an update from Peer Mentor Kylee!

Hi! I'm Kylee, the peer mentor for the Film 117 classes. My role is to hangout with the students inside and outside of class to get to know them and their interests and to make sure that they can find everything that they need and want here at UWM. I've had the privilege of getting to walk around campus with these awesome students during class and observe as they capture cool things on film whether it be in photos or video.

It has been really interesting to get to watch as the students learn to load and reload film into "filmos" (Bell & Howell Cameras used in class), as well as taking part in the critiques of the students' work. I've enjoyed meeting with the students outside of class as well, I've really enjoyed getting to know them so far and learning about film and why it is so interesting to each of them individually. I look forward greatly to seeing the rest of their work this semester.

RA Shannon decided since everyone is learning about F-Stops (The amount of light let into the camera) and how frame rates work, it can become a little confusing. So she made a helpful chart for the wall for everyone to reference too!

RA Shannon called into the Milwaukee Film Festival and ended up getting documentary film maker, Holly DeRuyter to come and speak to us about her Festival entry, "Old Fashioned". She spoke to the residents about how filming a documentary takes a while and how to be successful with your time and money management. She answered lots of questions that residents had about her struggles and success while making this feature length film. The residents were extremely thankful for this opportunity.

On October 4th, the film LLC went as a group to go see "The Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman at the Oriental Theatre. It was a black and white drama and was filmed on 35mm film. Everyone was required to go see a film at the Festival so we decided to make it easy and go as one big group!


The floor itself is currently working on a film of its own. Student director Dylan Dooley is very excited about this new project. Currently we are working on auditions and figuring out cast and crew! Our script was written by Sarah Cornejo, Brittany Vinz and Ceci Elsbernd. Filming should start in the next week, and everyone is very excited!

Looking to the future:
RA Shannon, Department Shareholder Alex Torinus, and I have been hard at work planning a new project and LLC event for the floor. We are excited
to announce we will be holding a 24 hour editing contest for the residents! Held on November 6th-7th from 10Pm-10PM, in the Kenilworth Open Studios sixth floor space. Shannon and I will be filming 24 clips and sounds and distributing them to the residents. They will then have twenty-four hours to edit these clips either by themselves or in pairs to our specific guidelines! It will be a fun challenge and experience for everyone involved. Stay posted for next months blog to see how much fun everyone had!

My best,
RA Lea
"Let's make all the Movies!"

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