Monday, October 5, 2015

Welcome to the Social Justice, Diversity and Pride LLC!

Welcome to the Social Justice, Diversity, and Pride LLC! We are the Resident Assistants, Jennifer Richards and Sara Villarreal.

Some facts about Sara:
·      Community Education and Engagement Major and an Art Minor
·      She is from Sheboygan, WI
·      This is her 2nd and a half year being an RA

Some facts about Jennifer:
·      Social Work Major
·      She is from Chicago, IL
·      This is her 2nd year being an RA

 We are very excited to be starting the year and getting to know everyone in our community. Our theme is Welcome Home to UWM and the LLC and as a part of that we had our first event, Home Sweet Home. Residents divided into groups for a building activity about privilege. Different amounts of supplies were given to different groups and each group had to try to make the best structure.

Afterwards we had a discussed about the purpose of the activity. We wrapped up by creating a list of community values and expectations for the year. We are looking forward to learning more about privilege and social justice this year.

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