Friday, October 16, 2015

The Business Panthers LLC Is The Place To Be

There is an old saying that goes “It is bad to mix business with pleasure.” In the Business Panthers Living Learning Community, we are finding out the opposite. As the initial hustle and bustle of the year calms down, the first year business students begin to understand the demands of college life. Many students have been hard at work over the past month striving for excellence in the classroom. While academic success is one of the primary goals of the Business LLC, opportunities to network and have fun are other factors that contribute to developing a dynamic business leader.

At UWM, we encourage our business students to be well rounded. Surely, the lessons learned in the classroom will be useful in the student’s various fields of study. However, offering engaging social activities that challenge student’s level of comfort and grows their communication skills is just as important. The Business Panthers Living Learning Community is a place where academic excellence, social connections and leadership opportunities collide to make a memorable experience for our world’s future business pioneers.

At this point you may be wondering, “well what exactly has taken place in the Business LLC over the past few weeks?” Let’s take a look a couple events that helped our students have fun while keeping business in mind:

Business LLC Hawaiian Beach Party
The Hawaiian Beach Party was the Kick off event in the Business Living Learning Community.  At this event students were welcomed to the Business LLC and provided the opportunity to network and socialize with their peers.

Oreo Wars

Have you ever tried to construct a tower using Oreo cookies, marshmallows and peanut butter? Well, this competitive event offered students the opportunity to engage in a fun team activity while building leadership skills. 

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