Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Showtime Dance LLC

Hello! Its me again, Shelby, the resident assistant for the Dance LLC. This past month has been pretty amazing for the Dance LLC community. We have gotten pretty close and have formed many different friendships. One thing that has really impacted the community was the Dance LLC Kick Off event. We got to sit down with each other and talked about who we are as dancers. We talked about what we expected of one another and what they expect from me as their RA.

Lately, the peer mentors, Caitlin Reisinger and Brandon Hill, the Dance LLC stakeholder Dani Kuepper and myself have gotten together and have talked about the Dance LLC. We discussed different ways to get the dance community to be successful in their LLC class, as well as how to figure out how to make these programs and events fun. We have decided to make a list of different performances, provided in their dance classes and pick two performances from the list that we are going to see as a community. The performances we have chosen are The Milwaukee Ballet Company - Dracula and the Danceworks Dance Company- Footsteps, Shadows, and Whispers. Being part of the LLC, we are fortunate to be able to go to both pre-show talks. These two performances are at the end of October and the beginning of November. A majority of the Dance LLC members will be attending these shows, which is really exciting because it is a great way to get the dance community together and be able to watch a common passion together.

Another fun event that the Dance LLC had was on October 14th. We decorated the floor in Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations to prepare us for the fun fall weather. During this event, we decorated the doors and walls on the floor, as well as played games and decorated cookies. The community was pretty excited to decorate for the fun season!

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