Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's Happening in the LLC?

Hello everyone,

My name is Jenna Towers and I am the Resident Assistant for the Career Quest LLC. Now that the semester has started rolling, some exciting things have been happening in the Career Quest LLC class and floor!

The students in the LLC class have been learning how to write resumes!! The importance of resume writing is key to starting any career you want to have. To have a class that teaches you how to write a resume is a great opportunity that a lot of college students do not have. In addition, the LLC class has you network with LinkedIn profiles and gives you opportunities to listen to different types of majors talk in class. The LLC students are given a head start to enhancing their career and that is a great opportunity to have! Later on in the semester they will have mock interviews to help prepare them for real life job interviews.

On the floor we just had our first LLC event! The event was to go to the All Majors Career Fair in the UWM union. This fair had employers from top corporations there to explain what types of jobs and internships they were offering. The goal of this event was for the LLC students to go and start talking to employers. To learn what they look for in an intern. To start finding careers or companies that interest them. To really discover how to model themselves into the kind of person employers want to hire.

The LLC students really enjoyed this event because they got an idea of what it takes to be the type of student employers want to hire. After the event that night we had pizza and talked about all of the companies the residents talked to that day!

Lastly, it's Halloween this month and the Career Quest LLC will be entering a Tower-wide common area decorating contest! Here is a picture of what we have done so far!

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