Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Health Professions Updates

The Health Professions floor has been bustling with activity recently! Everyone is gearing up for Anatomy and Psychology midterms and their first Practicals! But the Residents are really enjoying being part of such a close knit community with other residents who are in the same classes. This provides great help and resources just from their fellow students!

On another note, The College of Nursing's 50th Anniversary this year and the College of Health Sciences 40th Anniversary so, in honor of that, some of our residents supported their college by participating in the Annual Panther Prowl 5K!

On the horizon, LLC Stakeholders are hard at work planning some really cool events within the next few weeks! For example, a possible tour of the Blood Center of Wisconsin and personal student advising within Riverview on the Health Professions LLC floor! Stay tuned for updates!

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