Monday, August 20, 2012

About Your Mentor

Welcome to UW-Milwaukee!

Hey Everyone!

 I'm Amber Rivard. I am from Brookfield, Wisconsin which is about 20 minutes west of Milwaukee. I am a junior in standing pursuing a degree in Human Resources Management with a Leadership Certificate. I am also a part of the UWM Emerging Leaders Program, ALPFA business organization and Ahora! Latin Dance Organization on campus! This year I will be the mentor for 3 LLCs; Dance Foundations, Community Leadership and WI Covenant. 

The Dance Foundation LLC's purpose is to provide students with a connection to Milwaukee's culture of dance as well as allow students to create new relationships with other students who share the same passion of dance. This is my first year as the mentor of the Dance Foundations LLC! I chose to be the mentor for this LLC because dance has been a part of my life for 12 years and has always been a passion of mine. I can't wait to see what this year has to offer to these students. I look forward to meeting them at the end of this month. RA Emily and I plan to kick off the semester with an exposure to the different types of latin dance and its culture!

The purpose of the WI Covenant Scholars LLC is to allow students to feel connected to UWM through different activities and networking opportunities. This LLC focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop and strengthen their leadership skills as well as earn high academic achievements. This LLC will be attending the same class and working closely with the Community Leadership LLC. This LLC focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills as well via volunteer work, acquiring leadership roles and  participating in community activities. 

I was a part of the Community Leadership LLC as a freshman and really enjoyed it! I learned a lot about what it mean to be involved in a community and how to take action when you want to see a change take place. My LLC worked hard to bring computers, an ATM, colored walls and printers to the RiverView residence hall in 2010. This will be my second year as the mentor for the Community Leadership LLC. 

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