Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet Your RA

Hometown: Maplewood, MN (Suburb of St. Paul)
Year: Second year student
Major: Art and Design, double focus in Painting/Drawing and Ceramics

Art and Design LLC - What it's all about?: The Art and Design LLC is for art majors looking to be in a community of other art majors. You are literally surrounded by other art students. Your suite mates and others on your floor, and in this case even your RA, are all art majors. All of the students take two foundations art classes together - 2D Concepts and 3D Concepts. By being in the LLC you make instant connections with your peers and faculty. You can form support groups, make great friends and really connect to the campus in a unique way. 

I was in the Art and Design LLC in Cambridge my freshman year. I loved it because I immediately made friends who could support me through the year and were going through the same things I was. I didn't have to search for them because they lived next door! I also felt like I had a closer, more personal relationship with the professors of my LLC than those teaching my non LLC classes. You stay with the same professor for two semesters so you really get to know them and they get to know you, allowing them to learn your strengths and challenge you where you need it. I loved the LLC so much that I decided to take the position this year so I can give the new first year students the great experience I had. 

I feel like I can really be a benefit to the first year students because I was them last year. I know what they're going through, the projects they've done, what the teachers expect and some of the problems they might encounter. Also by simply having my first year of college under my belt I have many college life experiences not related to art as well to help guide the students to be successful. 

Things to do

Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM): 
Take bus 10 (toward Bluemound and Brookfield) from corner of Humboldt and North
Get off at Prospect and Mason and walk to MAM

Beans and Barley:
A great place to look at funky knik-knacks and eat some unique organic goodies (pies and cookies!)
If you're facing Atomic Tattoo/Judges, take a left onto North St and keep going straight till the corner of  North and Oakland, cross street and it's right behind Chubby's doughnuts.

Brady Street:
Brady Street is a great place to kill a few hours looking through vintage shops, getting gelato, and exploring the many restaurants. Take a left onto North street and then a right on Farwell Ave, keep walking until you hit Brady, take a right and begin the fun! If you don't want to walk, take the green line from corner of Oakland and North and get off on Brady.

But don't forget about all the fun events your RA has planned! We work hard to create fun events you want to attend. Is there something special you'd like to do, or a certain store you'd like to go to but don't know how to get there? 
Ask me! I am more than happy to help you find your way around the big, exciting city of Milwaukee!

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