Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art and Design LLC Alum

 Art and Design LLC Alum
These people have been around the block and back. 
Why they loved the LLC and how it made them successful. 

Caroline Walser
(LLC Member 2011-2012)
From Madison, WI
Drawing and Painting Major - German minor
3rd year student
Usher at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m a huge Prince fan. Going to his concert last year was probably the best night of my life, no not probably-it straight up was. I love to watch Korean dramas and I’m an avid K-Pop fan, too, and I like to do yoga. 

What was the best part of being in the LLC?
The best part of being in the LLC was definitely living with the same students in my class. Since we all lived next door to one another, we could easily all work on our projects together and help each other think of ideas or how to improve our work. Additionally, I met my closest friends in the LLC, so that’s a plus. 
Also by being in the LLC, I was surrounded by other students who were dedicated to studying art and worked hard in all they did, and I think that being around people with that “go for it all and I want to be the best” mentality really helped me to become more serious and determined to grow myself as an artist, as well. I guess that determination is how I successfully was awarded the Laurence Rathsack scholarship last spring.

How are you involved on campus? 
I go to most of the art events and cultural nights

What's your favorite art thing to do in MKE? 
Gallery Night and visiting Reginald Baylor’s studio!!

Advice for incoming students?
Don’t take night classes. Seriously, they’re the worst thing ever. Also, always wait to get all the materials or books your professor puts on their supply list until after the first day/ week when you’ll find out exactly what you need, which is usually not everything on the list.

Favorite contemporary artist(s): 
-Jeremy Mann
-Quang Ho
-James Jean 
-Eve Mansdorf 
-Janine Antoni

Wyatt Tinder (LLC Member 2012-2013)
From Janesville, WI
Digital Studio Practice / Digital Arts and Culture Major
2nd year student
Resident Assistant in Cambridge Commons (6 South), Intern

Something about myself: 
I love blogging, Tumblr especially.

What was the best part of being in the LLC?
I liked living in the Art and Design LLC because I felt really connected to the people I was living with. We had similar interests and were taking similar classes, so it was easy to study, work, and hang out together. If I ever needed help getting feedback on a project or figuring out a deadline, everyone was just next door to ask. There were also a lot of opportunities for us to get involved on campus and in the community through being a part of the LLC.

How are you involved on campus? 
I work as a studio assistant for Professor Nathaniel Stern, the head of the Digital Studio Practice department, through the Office of Undergraduate Research. I started the summer before my Freshman year.

Advice for incoming students?
Try to find ways to get involved on campus that relate to your major or your interests. See if you can find any internships or research opportunities. Talk to your professors and make a good impression - they have a lot of power that can help you as you move forward in school and into your career.

How the LLC made me successful: 
I received the Frederick R. Layton - Outstanding First Year Student Scholarship after my first year and the Foundations Show. I was able to work at various SGC International Print Milwaukee events and make valuable networking connections with UWM Faculty and internationally-known artists. I feel like being in the Art and Design LLC helped me stand out as a student. 

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