Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello, this is RA Ai of the Dance LLC. My full name is Catherine Ai Mary Zsuzsanna Csuka. My parents couldn’t make up their mind so they decided to put all the options into my name. Since I have been called Ai since I was born, I won’t respond to Catherine most likely. 
I was born in Milwaukee, but I moved to Japan when I was about 3 months old and grew up in a very urban area right outside of Tokyo called Saitama. I came back to America when I was 16 and attended Shorewood high school about 15 minutes from here.
This is my second year at UWM. As I am double majoring in Architecture and Dance, I anticipate myself to be in school for more than 4 years.
I decided to major in both architecture and dance because I did not give up my passion for dance nor my desire to immerse myself in architectural design.

I would like to make this dance LLC a learning experience for both dance majors and non-majors. Contemporary dance is a very interesting art form; I think it is important for many to be knowledgeable of various forms of art. It will be an enriching element to your life and will give perspective to a vast world outside of our own shell. 

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